Thoughts on the Week 21 July 2016


It has been a particularly devastating week emotionally; on the world stage we’ve seen the heartless attack on tourists in Southern France and an axe-wielding incident on a train in Germany – both without illegal weapons, inflicted by perpetrators living ordinary lives in the towns where they committed their crimes. The question being asked: ‘Is nowhere safe any longer?’ And, our answer must defiantly be, ‘No – we won’t allow their murderous hatred or the fear they hope to create – to overcome us.’

Much harder and closer to home were the passing of several dear members within our community. No matter how much advance warning, the immediate sense of shock and recovery when losing those we love brings on a complex, delicate period of introspection.

This week saw a spike in funerals among the S&P Sephardi community of London and its affiliates. One was the death of a 58-year-old woman who lost her battle with cancer, sadly leaving behind elderly parents, a husband, 3 grown children and a brother.

No less upsetting was the sudden passing of a long-time member of the Wembley community, a quiet man dearly loved by family and friends. Some words written in his memory can be found here.

But, personally, the most overwhelming sense of loss has been the passing of my mother who lived in the USA and who suffered for the past 3 months before being released peacefully on Tuesday. We are without further words this week.